Cozy Up With These Osomatsu-san Hoodies


Osomatsu-san hype is sweeping the figure world, with everything from figmas to Nendoroids to trading figures (but no scaled–yet). However, figures don’t keep you warm when it’s cold outside, so enter these new goodies: Osomatsu-san hoodies! And not just any hoodies. CAT HOODIES.

With cat ears. That you can put a cat inside of. Amazing, right? There’s two colors: Ichimasu Matsuno (purple) and ESP Nyanko (orange). They’ve got all kinds of amazing details, like the holes for your kitty claws and the images on the back. But they won’t come cheap: retail is ¥7,500 and they are an Animate exclusive, which means you need a proxy. But for a pocket specifically for your cat? Worth it.

[via Unihabitat]


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