Cryska & Inia Are The Cutest Nendoroid Duo


Yes, cuter than Append Rin & Len, or even Cheerful Saber & Rin! Maybe it’s my weakness for the Muv-Luv girls talking, but I am smitten by this newest duo. It’s probably also the fact that unlike a lot of recent Nendoroids (and figmas) these ladies come with a lot of goodies: but we’ll get to that in a second! First, let’s tlak about how awesome they look. From the soft gradient in their purple hair to the shiny plugsuits, they’ve done a fantastic job recreating their anime appearance.

Now for the goodies! Both come with cockpits and of course some creepy/cute Beta pals, much like the first Muv-Luv Nendoroid Yui Takamura. They’re so strange looking! Inia will also come with her teddy bear, and Cryska has a sniper rifle. As for faces they actually only have two, but they’re a doozy: there’s the “standard” ones and then… insane faces! Yes, these are on par with “swan song” and the amazing Hibiki face. But as you may recall, Yui had a pretty scary/amazing bloody face as well, so it’s no surprise this duo has creepy faces as well! They’ll be up for order on the 16th.

[via Mikatan]


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