Daibadi Production’s Yoko Littner Figures Are A New Level Of Weird


I imagine the conversation about these figures went something like this. “Well, Dave, that Gurren Lagann sure is a weird show. How about… we make… figures… that are weirder! And EVEN TACKIER?” “OMG BEST IDEA EVER? How about… robot Yoko… with… HER BUTT HANGING OUT?” Yup. That about sums it up.

Honestly, folks, I have no clue what is going on here. The first figure, a “Deforevo Color” Yoko, is a normal chibi figure except for the VERY oddly proportioned boots, the fact that she’s a colored resin kit, and the lovely cost of ¥8,400. With a February release. The second is…. a robot Yoko, with huge boobs and her butt hanging out, which will cost you a sweet ¥12,600…. and also comes out in February! Oh, and they might be exclusives like Aegis. I have no words, I’m too busy giggling like a 12 year old boy at a naked robot butt.

[via moeyo]


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