Danny Choo Unveils Smart Doll Lelouch Lamperouge

I have been drooling over this release since we first got the teaser images a few weeks back. Maybe this makes me basic as hell, but Lelouch is my favorite male anime character, and the idea of owning such a huge figure of him? Pure excitement. I have yet to make a Smart Doll purchase (and in fact I haven’t ordered a doll in several years) but this might just be my first.

Unlike Volks’ boy dolls, I think Danny Choo has made his distinctly male looking. Sure, there’s still the pretty boy anime vibe, but I think the face sculpt is far more masculine than what we’ve seen in the DD world. Given that we already have Spike and Lulu from the line, I wonder what boys are next? Probably Suzaku, I’d guess.

[via takamine95’s Twitter]


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