DC Collectibles’ Black Canary Bombshell Makes My Heart Skip A Beat


I’ve lamented the fact that DC Collectibles’ last two Bombshells, Harley Quinn and Batgirl, seemed less than inspired. Compared to Wondy, Supergirl and Poison Ivy they were downright lackluster, though the outfits were pretty nice looking. Well, it seems like they listened to complaints because the 6th girl in the line might be the best yet!

It’s Black Canary all done up in 40’s pinup style, but they’ve done a very different take on her vocal abilitites–she’s a songstress! I love love love her outfit, in fact I’m very tempted to cosplay this particular rendition of Dinah (even though I’d make a terrible blonde). She’ll be on display at SDCC if you want to check her out in person!

[via Statue Forum]


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