Deck Out Your Kitchen With Persona 4 Goods

The Persona 4 merchandise has been flooding in recently: last week three mugs went up for order, and now we have a whole bunch of kitchen accessories decorated with the cast! First off (and my favorite of the bunch) are two plates! One feature the MC (also known as Shujinkou, Yu, and Souji). There’s also one with Teddie/Kuma on the Junes logo! Each costs ¥1,050 with a release date of May, and they have a diameter of about 6.4 inches so they’re decently sized. Grab the MC one here and Teddie here.

Then we have some drinking accoutrements: there are two mugs which, like the last sets feature the girls on one and the boys on the other. However, these are in full color and have a bit of a different vibe. They cost ¥1,130 each and will be released in March: you can get the boys’ mug here and the girls’ mug here. Last but not least there’s a tumbler, so you can carry your morning coffee or tea to work in style! It features the whole main cast as well as Dojima and Nanako! Oh and some girl in a funny hat who works at a restaurant… you know, cause she has so many fans. It’s a tad more expensive than the other items at ¥1,680 but that’s not exactly a crazy price! It’ll be released in April and you can grab one here.


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