Deep Sea Girl Miku Hatsune Prepares For Pre-Orders


It’s no secret that I have been swooning over Good Smile Company’s Deep Sea Girl Miku Hatsune since we first saw the sculpt at Winter Wonder Festival. If you can believe it, Summer WonFest is only two months away so it’s time to get all the Winter goodies out of the office and into our homes! Or rather onto websites and up for order, and now it’s my lovely Miku’s turn–she’ll be up for order starting tonight.

I thought she was pretty when we first saw her painted, but Mikatan’s photos are really blowing me away. It seems they’ve deepened the blue on her hair and the black on her dress, creating a truly stunning figure that I just can’t wait to own! In fact, she might be my most anticipated figure of the year–and I don’t think I’ve said that about a GSC piece in a long time.

[via Mikatan]


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