Dengeki 20th Anniversary: Bandai’s Figuarts ZERO

Bandai is holding a Tamashii Nations event in only a few days, but apparently they have a lot of goodies stored up for it and had reveals to spare at Dengeki’s 20th Anniversary! They had quite a few of their scaled Figuarts ZERO line on display, starting with four cuties from Senran Kagura. Well, none of these are really new: in fact we saw them at Tamashii Nations 2011! Asuka, who went up for order quite some time ago, is getting two recolors: one pink, one blue. And Yomi, who vanished after the event, is still on track to be produced!

Then we’ve got two AKB0048 figures: Nagisa Motomiya, who is already up for order, and the newly announced Chieri Sono! Chieri is just gorgeous, and while Nagisa wasn’t my stripe I really love her serene expression and blue hair. Knowing my luck (and Bandai’s lack of continuity) she’ll be an exclusive.

[via HMV_Anime]


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