Dollfie Dream Asuna Is Coming To Dolpa 29


So we’ve known about the existence of Dollfie Dream Asuna for quite some time now, and recently we got to see her scans including pricing info and the event she’ll be at: Dolpa 29! Now we’re seeing her official shots from Volks, and while I think my Dollfie collection is a bit too stuffed to fit miss Asuna she certainly is looking pretty.

Many people have noted a similarity in her face to the DDH-06 along with Haruka Niimi, which I see as well. Though really, it’s hard at this point to come up with a totally new DD head that doesn’t look like any of the past releases. What I am wondering is what other girls will be at DP29–usually we see them all in scans, and since this is a big event I’d expect 3 girls, yet all we’ve seen so far is Asuna… perhaps we’ll find out down the line, or maybe she is the only girl and they will just make a massive amount of her?

[via the DD Blog]


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