Dollfie Dreams Ranka & Sheryl Get Revealed


I was thrilled when Volks announced that they would (finally) be doing Dollfie Dreams of Ranka & Sheryl… especially since it’s a double release revealed in mid-fall. You know who else were just like that? Extra & Alter and KOS-MOS & Momo! Yeah, so there was a high probability of them being pre-order dolls. And indeed it’s been confirmed, with orders tentatively slated for November!

This is great news because I am totally in love with Sheryl. I love the DDs with more defined noses, and her faceup is beautiful. While I am not 100% sold on Ranka that’s just because the big eyes aren’t always for me, but oh my god the lightning bolt shoes. I think I need both of them.

[via the DD Twitter]


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