Drool Over More Pictures Of Dollfie Dream Miku Hatsune


The only thing shocking about the announcement of a Dollfie Dream version of Miku Hatsune was how long it took Volks to get around to it. They were one of the very first companies to make a scaled figure of her way back in 2008, and they love milking popular characters (see the 5 Saber Dollfies). And they were smart enough to make her a pre-order doll, which means that if you have the money you can order her: no lottery torture!

Of course purchasing a Dollfie isn’t exactly a small commitment: at ¥62,000 she isn’t exactly cheap, and buying a doll isn’t like buying a figure. You have to worry about things like staining, broken joints, wig maintenance… but for Miku fans, there’s no doubt this is the ultimate grail. However, the face still hasn’t won me over: it just doesn’t feel like Miku. I am happy she comes with the new SS bust, which previously we’ve only seen on Chihaya. I guess we’ll see how I really feel when orders open on September 28th!

[via Volks]


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