Drool Over More Pictures Of FuRyu’s Cardcaptor Sakura


It’s only been a few hours since this figure was revealed and okay it’s only a prize figure (and from FuRyu at that!) but we need more pictures of her. So many more pictures. We only have a few right now but they’re so amazing I might die of happiness. I feel like I’ve waited all my life for a good figure of Sakura!

I mean, I’m sure Good Smile has like a hundred sculpts of her they’ll be showing off at Winter WonFest, but don’t doubt the power of a good prize figures–the quality is almost always far beyond what the price would suggest. And I mean come on THE POSE. THE SKIRT. IT’S (almost) PERFECT except, where’s Kero. I need more Kero action asap.

[via Mechanical Japan]


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