Drool Over More Shots Of Max Factory’s Belldandy & Holly Bell


So by now we all know how amazing Max Factory’s Belldandy & Holly Bell figure is, but with a figure this incredibly detailed it can’t hurt to take a closer look! Moeyo is bringing us a detailed shoot of all the intricate pieces that make up this stunner–well, maybe not all of them, a fully detailed review of this duo would probably come out at over 100 shots!

I think many people have been waiting years for this release, and I am happy that Max Factory waited until they could really do the sculpt justice before producing it. Is there really any doubt that this will be one of the best figures of 2013? Well let’s be honest–not just for the year, but of all time! If any figure is worth a $200+ pricetag, it’s this one.

[via moeyo]


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