Drool Over This Elizabeth & Thanatos Persona 4 Arena Garage Kit

Elizabeth GK Header

Sometimes garage kits are so utterly perfect and wonderful that I want to cry a little because I will most likely never own them. And this is definitely one of those times! Eizabeth from Persona 3 has one figure, which happens to be insanely expensive and my holy grail. Thanatos is my favorite Persona. So yeah, seeing this hurts a little. But it hurts so good! Just look at how pretty. These 1/8 scale duos from Mugenkyou debuted at Treasure Festa in Arikae 8, in fact we got a peek at Thanatos beforehand! While I know the chances of this getting picked up for PVC production are zero, let’s hope a few hit the after-market so I can blow all my money on them!

[via Amata no Hikari]


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