ESC-Toy Brings a Bunch to NYCC

ESC-Toy NYCC 2013 Header

Erick Scarecrow of ESC-Toy always brings a ton of items to conventions, but this year seems to be a record with how many different pieces he’s decided to show up with, and if you’re looking to score some of these for yourself, you’ll have lots of opportunities to! On Friday, Erick will be signing from 3-4 PM at Clutter’s booth (#504) and on Saturday, he’ll be over at the Tenacious Toys booth (#208) from 5-6 PM. First up is a piece that can’t be bought, but can only be won: an edition of 5 custom Daryl Dixon Funko figures from The Walking Dead with custom paint to make him look like the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan. Why? I have no clue, but it looks pretty cool, so let’s all just go with it. You can win one by buying any ESC-Toy piece at the con from the many booths selling his work or via his website’s releases during the period.

First up in releases is the Dali x Crow Bear Blue Hour version, which will be an edition of 20 that will retail for $30 and will be available at Clutter’s booth during Erick’s signing. Also available at Clutter’s booth will be the Little Spiker print, available beginning Preview Night, for $25 and will be an edition of 25 and the I’m Your Puppet print, also for $25, but an edition of 20. Next up, over at the Tenacious Toys booth will be the Bloody Lurker collaboration with Frombies that is limited to 7 pieces for $75 each and available during his signing as well as a Solid Snake print from Metal Gear Solid available on Preview Night for an unknown price, but will be an edition of 20, and a Fr*eza print edition of 10 for $25. Over at Big Kev’s Geek Stuff’s booth (#Z16-Z17), some more prints will be on hand for the comic fans: a One P*ece x Luffybot print, also an edition of 10 for $25, and a Batgirl print, edition of 20 for $25.

If you’re not able to make it to the convention though, don’t sweat! A ton of releases will be available online, today, Wednesday the 9th at 12:00 PM EST. The Mr. 2600 Classic version (20 pieces, $30 each), Leatherface Hooper customs (12 pieces $30 each), Camo Maru customs (6 pieces, $30 each), Little Spiker Mossdown (21 pieces, $100 each),  S. Maria Camo (7 pieces, $225 each), Final Fantasy Shinra Storm Cloud custom (1 piece, price TBA), Final Fantasy Judge’s Rage custom (1 piece, $325), Star Wars Camo Vader custom (1 piece, price TBA), Metal Gear Solid Split Camo Snake custom (1 piece, $325), and Wet Suit Maria Supu (3 pieces, $100 each) will all be available at that time. I know I have my eyes on the Dali x Crow Bear for sure!


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