ESC-Toy’s NYCC 2012 Exclusives

As usual, ESC-Toy and Erick Scarecrow have a ton of goodies lined up for New York Comic Con. So let’s just dive in and get started! First up is the online exclusive: the return of Soopa Maria in the “3 Years Later” colorway! This will be available ONLY online in their shop at 10Am EST on the 13th for $200, and with a run of only  you better not be late! Everything else will be available at their booth #3015 starting on Thursday. So what’ll be at the booth? Well, there’s a few more members of the S.Maria “family”: Chap-Lynn Ringleader ($130) and 2 Tails ($125). We also have two colorways of the Aldara x Sama in the Ghoul and Purple Oozer colorways at $20 each. I missed the first one, and I really love the ghostly Ghoul version!

There’s also a figure we haven’t seen in a while, Papa Sama “Medici Guard” a collaboration with Monster Kolor for $200. One of the earliest Papa Samas was actually my first ESC purchase! That’s it for the resin, but we’ve got some vinyl figures as well. There’s not one but two colorways of Kisaki–“Cold As Ice” and “Purple Lust” for $250 each. The Cold As Ice one is SO gorgeous! Then there’s Medusa “Dusted” for $300. The Poison Berry colorway is still one of my all-time favorite vinyl pieces, so if you’ve missed out on her before this is a great opportunity. And last but not least, we’ve got the return of Drake from Uncharted! There’s the hyper-limited and hyper-colorful “Japan 002” for $500 and the slightly less limited Shadow Drake for $250.

While that’s it for toys, there are also a ton of pin collaborations with Frombie for only $5 a pop for those of us on a tight budget. Of all of the offerings, Chap-Lynn is the one both Stephen and I adore, and she might just be coming home with us! If only there was a Yarn Shroom like last year… I really like Yarn Shrooms.


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