figma Yugi Believes In The Heart Of the Cards


It seems like it’s been ages since Max Factory showed off their Yami Yugi figma, but it’s actually only been a year. So, not that long–unless you’re a Yu-Gi-Oh fanatic, in which case it feels like a lifetime. At this point I was expecting him painted at Winter Wonder Festival, but surprise–he was in scans! That I guess everyone forgot to actually upload until now, thanks internet.

The paint, of course, looks great (do we ever look at a painted figma and think “terrible job, Max Factory?”), with the vibrant, eye-burning brightness you’d expect. I mean, just look at the hair. it’s a thing of beauty. What I’m really curious about is the accessories. There are SO many things you could do for him, so I really hope MF doesn’t cop out with just some extra cards and faces.

[via uccow]


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