Finally, We’re Getting An 8″ Dok A Dunny!

For years and years fans have been petitioning Kidrobot to make an 8″ Dok A Dunny.  Since he’s my favorite vinyl artist, I have been behind this petition for a long time! We’ve had several 3″ designs, but what we all really want is an 8″ Rupture. Or, you know, a 20″ one… that would be cool too. Well, the time has finally come and we are getting one! Granted, it’s not really Rupture, but the Ironclad Decimator which seems to be a bit of a mashup between his previous 3″ Dunny designs.

There are two colorways: the first is a “regular” copper release which will be limited to KR stores both physical and online. The Mecha Rupture is, surprisingly, the one with a wider release and will be at most Dunny retailers (there’s a full list on their blog). There are 600 of each and both editions will have a 1 in 6 chase, meaning that there are really 4 colorways! Thankfully they’re the standard $75, even with all the extra sculpting and clear parts. I am really loving this design, and it’s nice to see so much detail put into this piece. I think this will be the first 8″ I’ve picked up since Calvera Azteca!

[via the Kidrobot Blog]


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