Fly Away With Kotobukiya’s DC Bishoujo Supergirl

I am not the biggest fan of Supergirl, it’s true. I find her a little bland and, well… like Superman, who is possibly my least-favorite hero. But even I can appreciate how amazingly beautiful Kotobukiya’s second take on her has turned out! This is a figure I wasn’t really sold on until I saw the sculpt, and then we only had badly lit event shots of her, so my hopes were not too high. But hot damn did they pull out a beautiful figure.

I think in terms of detail and accuracy, this is probably Kotobukiya’s best Bishoujo yet. I mean, just look at the promo shots of her! Gorgeous. Like basically all of the modern Bishes she is a mere ¥8,500 and will be released in February. Will she be flying into any of your collections?

Pre-Order At: AmiAmi | Big In Japan | Hobby Search | HLJ | BBTS


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