Fly Away With MegaHouse’s Ash & Charizard

MegaHouse’s Pokemon line really seems like a love letter to fans. Unlike their other nostalgia-fueld lines, they aren’t phoning in the sculpts or making everything exclusive (you know, like Sailor Moon and Digimon). Nope, they’re just bringing us colorful and affordable figures of a franchise we all passionately love!

This time around it’s that amazing Ash & Charizard figure they previewed a while back. This is the biggest one in the line so far, and unless they do like Groudon or something I don’t think it will be topped. I mean, just look at it with all the others in the line! I have to admit, I barely order figures anymore but this entire line is an auto-buy for me. Ash & Charizard retail for ¥8,900 and are set for a June release date.

Pre-Order At: HLJ | AmiAmi


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