FREEing’s 1/4 Miku Hatsune Gets In The Holiday Spirit


Christmas is almost upon us, and while it definitely won’t be white here in NY we’ll at least have some snowy figures to keep us company! FREEing’s giant 1/4 scale Miku Hatsune, who was released only a few months ago, is getting a seasonal repaint. That’s right, we are getting 1/4 scale Snow Miku!

I have to say, the first version was an easy pass for me but this one? I love it! Snow Miku gets me every time. It happened with the Dollfie Snow Miku, these damn money-grabbing repaints are such a weakness for me. I just prefer the soft silver and blues of this version, plus the amazing hair gradient. I’d normally assume that this would be an exclusive, considering how much GSC & co hate me, but apparently this is going to be a standard release! Of course that doesn’t make her ¥25,741 pricetag any easier to swallow…

[via Yumesano_Parcia’s Twitter]


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