Funko’s POP! Uglydolls are Almost Too Cute

I haven’t been paying much attention to Funko’s POP! line–it seems to be mostly Disney characters, which I’m not a huge fan of, or superheroes not really suited to the odd proportions of the figures. But as soon as I heard that they had acquired the Uglydoll license, my interest was piqued. I imagined that they would suit the unique shape of the POP! line quite well, and I was right!

These little guys are just oozing cuteness. There’s Ice Bat, Wage, Babo, Ox, and Ninja Batty Shogun, all of which look amazing. Plus, they’re so cheap! Only $9.99 a pop (pun not intended!) and pre-orders are up at Big Bad Toy Store. They’re coming in January, and considering their size (about 5″ tall) this is a fantastic deal. I am definitely going to be snatching up a few of these!


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