FuRyu Jumps Into The World Of Scaled Figures With Miku Hatsune

So far, I have been easily able to resist the Magical Mirai Miku scaled figures. Which is really saying something, because I am borderline addicted to Miku figures. Is there a cool one coming up? I probably have it on order. But the first one was kind of terribly sculpted and the second was too expensive and too small, so they were easy passes. This year it’s going to be a little tougher.

I mean, there are two big reasons to skip this: 1, it’s made by FuRyu, who up until now have only done prize figures so god only knows what the final quality will be like. 2, her price is an astounding ¥17,064 and she’s limited + exclusive so no discounts. Oh, and she comes out in February, an already-busy month for me. But… her design is so cute! I (of course) love the clear fade on her hair, and the cheerful face is just adorable. And the frills!! But is she worth the risk? Probably not.

Pre Order At: AmiAmi


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