Gary Ham’s Plush Wooper Looper is the Cutest Thing Ever

Remember back at SDCC when we saw Gary Ham’s prototype Wooper Looper? That thing that’s not the Pokemon Wooper but I pretend it is because Woopers are amazing? Well, it seems like we’re going to get some Wooper Looper action before the figure even comes out!

Gary Ham has made some incredibly adorable plushes of the Wooper Looper for Dragatomi‘s upcoming show Plush-o-rama. The show features, you guessed it, lots of plushies! The show opens on November 12th at 7 PM and runs until December 3rd. I really wish I could go, because the lineup is great! And if any of you were to, you know, go and buy a plush Wooper Looper and just mail it to me I would love you forever.

[via Gary Ham]


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