Get The Best Persona Waifu With Phat’s Futaba Sakura

Persona 5 is a hard game. I mean, the battles are a ton easier than previous entries in the series, but picking who you are going to romance? It’s brutal, guys. Just brutal. They’re all such good waifus. But I picked obviously best waifu Squid Girl because she’s basically me irl. Next playthrough I’m going to date everyone and see what happens on Valentine’s Day.

We saw the sculpt for Futaba at Wonder Festival, but now she is painted and so cute! Look at how smol and precious. They also had an updated sculpt for Nendoroid Morgana at the booth, so you can constantly have a tiny cat telling you to go to bed. But seriously, it looks like he’s getting his all out attack pose. Will it come with a lil chair?!

[via AmiAmi’s Twitter & gsc_kyojin]


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