Get Your Groove on With The -LOL- Miku Hatsune Pullip

About a year ago, Groove produced their first Miku Hatsune Pullip and she was met with mixed reviews. Her hair was too heavy and looked odd, and there was an ugly bald patch on the back of her head. The concept seemed solid, though, and the execution on the other Vocaloid dolls from them seemed a lot better. I was hoping that they would revisit Miku so that we could get a better rendition of her, and here it is!

Groove is producing a new doll of Miku based on her look in -LOL- lots of laughs. We’ve already seen a figure of this Miku, but the doll puts her in a totally different outfit from the video! Miku has an adorable bunny hat and a rather stylish circus-inspired dress. She also comes with the same nightgown that the figure is wearing and a plush bunny!  As you’d expect, these extras and her elaborate stock give her a rather hefty price for a Pullip, and Miku will cost you ¥13,650. She comes out soon, too, with a mid-December release expected.

Personally, I think she’s worth the cost as she looks so much better than the first Miku. The hair in particular is just beautiful! She sold out at AmiAmi and is not up on Hobbysearch yet, but personally I’d recommend waiting for Pullipstyle to open up orders as their exchange rate is amazing and you get cheaper shipping. I tend to be really picky with Pullips and I only own two so far, but Miku certainly might be my third!


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