Go On An Adventure With the Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid

Whatever your feelings about the Switch, there’s no denying that the new Link designs from Breath of the Wild are cute as hell. The pale blue tunic, the lil man-ponytail. Just so precious! They announced a Nendoroid of him way before we even knew much about the game, and it seems like they managed to finish him off right before Wonder Festival. And man, fans will not be disappointed by the effort put in here.

Like the A Link Between Worlds figma, this comes with both a regular and DX version. But thankfully, it seems like both will be standard releases! And the price difference (¥5,370 DX, ¥4,167 regular) is not that bad. Especially since the DX one has A PONY. And a hood and so many amazing extras. Even the regular edition has tons of cool weaponry! Can you imagine how big his box is going to be? Orders open tonight.

[via Kahotan]


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