Goddess Madoka is Finally Painted and Ready For Order

Just a few hours ago we showed you quite a detailed look at the new Goddess Madoka 1/8 scale figure on the way from Good Smile Company and at the end we said that painted shots would be available soon, but I don’t think anyone expected this soon! Mikatan has updated again with a look at the painted version of this large centerpiece figure and boy is she stunning! I love the usage of the clear PVC for the wings, the pattern on the base and her dress are quite great looking, and her outfit and long, flowing hair show off her power and grace flawlessly. My only wish is that there be more shading on her hair and outfit as currently they look quite flat, but otherwise, she is one great looking piece!

If you want to add this giant goddess to your collection, orders should be open around noon in Japan on the Good Smile website, but she will also be available via affiliate websites such as AmiAmi, Hobby Search, HLJ, and others tonight as well. No word yet on if the version being offered from the Good Smile Company website will offer anything additional, which would be quite cruel as she’s already sporting a potential ¥14,800 retail price, and with extras and no discount, she could get out of hand quite quickly. Either way, I for one know that she’ll be joining my collection, but what about you readers? Is she gorgeous enough to make you take the plunge or is she just too far out of your range?

[via Mikatan]


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