Good Smile Company Announces A Maiko Homura Akemi


As much as I loathed Good Smile Company’s Maiko Madoka (for a variety of reasons: mainly the terrifying face, but also stupid exclusive for no reason), I was kind of hoping they’d continue the line. Mostly because I am not as worn out of the Madoka girls as I am of, say, Saber or Miku. Bring on a little more Puella Magi, GSC, we can take it! Also I wanted Homura in cute clothing, okay?! So sue me.

Well, no surprise here–in fact, I’m just amazed it took them this long. That’s right, Maiko HomuHomu is happening! I adore the art, and I really don’t think they can screw up her face like they did on Madoka. And yes, I am hoping for Mami too. And a Maiko Nendoroid to go with Madoka’s. Ugh, I just can’t get enough–and with Rebellion in theaters, I’d put on my Madoka raincoat if I were you.

[via Aniplex]


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