Good Smile Company Unveils Their Winter WonFest 2013 Exclusives


We’re less than a month away from Winter Wonder Festival, and you know what that means: for GSC to tease us way in advance about the goodies they will be selling! This year they have a LOT, some of which we already knew about: Snow Miku 2013 (¥4,000) and the IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Petit Nendoroid Set (¥4,000). But of course, there’s new as well!

Continuing with the IDOLM@STER theme we have the first figmas from the series, of Anzu Futaba and Rin Shibuya! Sadly Rin is in her school uniform instead of one of her (many) stage getups, but really, Max Factory has been slacking so much recently this is no surprise. At least Anzu is super cute? They’ll both be ¥3,500. Oh, and there’s a fourth item from the series: a large super deformed figure of Kirari Moroboshi from Phat! Company for ¥4,000.

Last, but certainly not least, is the “You Are Not Alone” version of Good Smile’s Homura. This in my eyes is the best of the exclusives: yes, it’s technically a “repaint” but she comes with THREE display options (all of which are better than the first version). There’s her end of series ribbon along with her bitchin bow, and then her twintails + glasses combo with either the shield and gun or a golf club. Amazing! Sadly she’ll be quite a lot at ¥9,000. All of these will go up in the GSC store on the 10th and orders will be open until the 18th.

[via GSC]


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