Good Smile Company’s Feria Is Absolutely Gorgeous


I always find it kind of funny when we get figure announcements before the show even airs. I mean, it’s not totally uncommon, but it’s still funny. If you pick figures based on liking the characters/shows, it’s kind of hard to judge something you haven’t even seen! GSC seems to be the main culprit here, and for years they’ve been picking up shows before the general public gets to see them. Comet Lucifer is the newest of these, and we have a gorgeous figure coming from it already.

Feria’s sculpt was shown off previously, but it was a simpler, base-free version that wasn’t nearly as elaborate. But this new version? Stunning. The pose, the elaborate outfit, the base. Gorgeous! But given how complicated she is, I bet she’ll be a Wonder Showcase figure (aka exclusive and expensive) like Tamayorihime *sob*

[via Dengeki]


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