Good Smile Company’s Summer WonFest 2017 Teasers

For some reason, I always associate Good Smile Company with the most hype teasers. It’s probably because there are so dang many, and we always get one or two no one can identify until the actual event happens. It’s like a game! And this year is no exception, we have quite a few teasers on our hands.

First, the new Nendoroids: they teased a Guardian from Breath of the Wild, a new Kongou from KanColle, Hifumi Takimoto from New Game!, and Kukuri from Mahoujin Guru Guru. Ai-chan from Getsuyoubi no Tawawa is painted, and Juzumaru Tsunetsugu from Touken Ranbu is sculpted.

As for the scaled figures, Arisa from Shadowverse is painted as is Izuminokami Kanesada from Touken Ranbu. Then we have sculpt teasers for birthday Rem! They also announced a Nendoroid of Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha. Who is the mystery dress girl, though? Hard to tell from the edge of a skirt!

[via Kahotan]


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