Good Smile Runs Into Production Errors, Delays Some Figures Till 2013

You’ve probably noticed a ton of delays from Good Smile Company & co recently, but it’s not really news-worthy since a delay of only a month isn’t exactly unusual in the figure world. However, we just got word of a TON of delays, and it seems like GSC has hit some production snags and is looking to fix them. Now, I’d just like to say that my stance on delays is different from most people: I welcome them! I’d rather wait a few extra months than get a figure with sub-par quality.

Anyway, onto the delays! Goddess Madoka was pushed back to December (no surprises there). The Shiki re-release, Sena, and the Princess of Crystal are all January now. The Golden Caliburn re-release was moved all the way back to February, and Max Factory’s Saber and Kiritsugu duo are January. Their Tomo is also January, and Medaka is February. Aside from Medaka, these were all originally 2012 releases! I hope Good Smile is able to successfully fix their issues and return to the quality we all know and love!

[via GSC]


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