Good Smile’s Maiko Homura Akemi Gets Sculpted


What are these, preview pictures for ants?! I’ve had to make some small pictures work on the site before (I’m looking at you, magazine scans) but this is… absurd. They’re so tiny. I had to blow them up 190% to make them fit in HALF the header. Thanks, Good Smile! I can totally tell what the figure looks like!

But seriously, she looks great. From far away, which is what the effect of these pictures for ants gives us. The big issue with Maiko Madoka was her terrifying face, which overshadowed the gorgeous yukata. I’m happy HomuHomu’s seems to be better, which of course was my fear when they announced her…. but come on, can we really tell exactly what her face looks like? No. Obviously the images didn’t come this small out of the camera. Stop teasing us, GSC, and give us the goods!

[via Aniplex]


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