Good Smile’s October 2014 NicoNico Broadcast


Another month, another group of new figures for Good Smile & co to show off! This month’s NicoNico broadcast was totally jam-packed, so we’re just going to dive right in. Let’s start with the star of the show: figma Sakura Kinomoto. We got a look at what I assume is her full lineup of accessories, and boy does she come with a lot. Both wands in fully extended mode, the star wand in mini form, Kero (of course), her small wings, and a large pair of wings from Fly that will both fit on her wand and her back. AHH it’s everything I wanted! Bandai, why did you even try.

As for Nendoroids, we’ve got three new sculpts: Aoi Yukimura from Yama no Susume and the KanColle duo of Kumano and Suzuya. They also previewed Nendoroid Batman, who will have a tiny Batsignal and his cape will fold all the way around him! Plus a tiny teaser of painted Fang Lin Yin. And scaleds? Well, we’re getting a better look at the admittedly odd Good Smile Satsuki, and also a brand new announcement: there will be an alternate version of DRAMAtical Murder‘s Ren, with… no shirt! Given the context of the game it’s kind of… super creepy…

[via mfc]


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