Good Smile’s Sena, I Want To Believe

It was a long time ago that Good Smile announced their Yozora & Sena set… or at least for them, since they are a company that moves pretty fast. I had some reservations about Yozora (mainly that her pose seemed quite boring), but I had high hopes for Sena. Mainly because I adore her and missed the pre-orders for the Kotobukiya version, and I kind of need to own a figure of her that isn’t in a bikini. But when she popped up at Wonder Festival I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about her.

Let’s face it, this figure has a lot of issues. The sculpting is stiff, particularly on her clothing. The skirt is just… flat. Her pose makes it seem like she’s running but there’s no motion at all! And the pose, oh the pose. It’s like she has to pee or something, and she’s leaning so far over. Last but not least, the face. Boku wa‘s art is really hard to capture, but I think other companies (AlphaMax and Koto) have done a better job. It looks kind of…. wide and squished. The one thing I really only have positive things to say about is her body sculpt: they thankfully didn’t slim her down really, and it’s nice to see GSC doing a non-waifish girl. Yeah, that’s the only nice thing I have to say. But I want to believe! I want this to come out awesome and perfect so I can have a lovely Sena. She’s already up for order (and will be in the roundup of course!) so I guess we just have to wait for the release and pray.

[via Mikatan]


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