(NSFW) Griffon Enterprises Rises From The Dead


Did you think that Griffon Enterprises had gone the way of the dinosaurs (and Taki Corp)? So did everyone else. It’s been ages since they actually did anything, and many of their in-production figures (like the damn goldfish action figure I had on order for 2 years!!) were simply cancelled or left in limbo. But apparently they were just hibernating, because they’re back with totally new branding!

They showed off two new lines, which really just seems like a way of re-branding their image. The first, Bishojo Tairiku, is their art-based 18+ line (kind of like what Native and AlphaMax does), featuring art by Kizuki Aruchu, Koutaro, Watanabe Yoshihiro, and more! The second, Grand Toys, features more traditional licenses like Cutie Honey, Super Sonico, Highschool DxD, and Silent Möbius. They’ve also revived a few Date A Live and Rozen Maiden figures I thought were long gone! I know Griffon has been a spotty company but they’ve made quite a few very nice figures, so I hope this works out well for them.

[via Dengeki]


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