Griffon Shows Off Some New Touhou Project Figures

At Reitaisai 9, Griffon announced a few new Touhou Project girls. Not really a surprise, since their main focus at any event is on that line. The new announcements seem to be sculpted already, ahead of several figures that are still in art-form! The 1/8 scale Gungir Remilia Scarlet in fact is already painted. It’s not a version of her that really calls out to me, since I already have a figure of her that I really like and this one seems kind of similar to the ques Q Remilia. Komachi Onozuka is also sculpted, and looks pretty fantastic: of course I’ll have to see her painted before I make a decision, but right now this is definitely looking like a “yes.” They also showed off “finished” art for Parsee Mizuhashi and Minamitsu Murasa. Parsee looks great if they can pull off that angry face (which is a big if given their history). Minamitsu has a cool nautical theme going on, but that really isn’t my thing.

Of course there was also a new announcement–a Curiosities of Lotus Asia version of Yukari Yakumo! AKA loli Yukari, since she looks much younger in this version. I can never get enough Yukari, and she looks SO adorable here! But for those wondering, we still haven’t seen Mystial Lorelei. I kind of wish they’d slow down for a bit and work on her.

[via Figure/GK]


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