Griffon Shows Off Their POP Reimu

While Griffon’s Touhou Project line gets a lot of love from the community, their POP line tends to get a lot of hate for some reason. Probably because none of them are as good as Alter’s POP Alice, but let’s face it, very few figures are as good as that! Personally I really like it, and I have their POP Remilia and love it. I was excited when she was announced, and I thought she looked great at Treasure Festa. They’ve shown off some preview images of her, and while she still doesn’t look 100% like the art I’m pretty pleased with the end result. It has that nice, chibified feel of the art while having a little more depth to the sculpt. She should be going up for order soon, along with Hina Kagiyama! You know, I can’t recall a time when Griffon has put up so many Touhou figures in a row. They must have more planned, because they are quickly running through their backlog of sculpts!

[via Griffon’s Touhou Blog]


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