Griffon’s Elegant New 1/8 Remilia Scarlet

Back when Griffon teased a mountain of new Touhou figures, one of the only sculpted ones was the new Remilia. Now, Griffon has already done 3 different sculpts for Remilia, and a handful of alternate colorways. Neither of the non-POP sculpts really appealed to me, but this one… yeah, this one I like!

This is the “Curiosities of Lotus” version, and while I have no idea what that means it sounds totally badass. Remilia looks more refined here, with an elegant cape and an even poofier hat. Her wings are lower, giving her a more menacing appeal. Griffon’s already full-up on December orders, so it seems like Remilia will be a January release. Since she is colored, she should go up for order soon!

Griffon also announced that they were going to be at Treasure Festa on October 11th, and I expect there will be several newly sculpted and painted Touhou figures there! I doubt there will be any new announcements, but with Griffon you never really do know!

[via Griffon’s Blog]


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