Griffon’s Feisty New Aya Is Finished

When Griffon announced a new version of Aya Shameimaru I was pretty excited because I love her design, but the sculpt didn’t really wow me. I feel kind of in between now: I love the paint job and I think she’s very cute, but at the same time the sculpt is just not very interesting. I think the unusual color palette kind of makes up for that though, and she certainly looks more polished here than she did at Reitaisai 9. It also seems like her accessories (fan, camera, hat pom-poms) can all be removed so you can mix and match for the look you want! I’m still unsure if I want to order her or not though, the Kotobukiya version of Aya is just so perfect that I end up comparing them in my head… and sadly, this version comes up a little short.

[via Griffon’s Touhou Blog]


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