Griffon’s Unpainted 1/8 Cirno

Griffon has really been on a roll with putting out sculpts from the batch of new figure concepts they showed off. Byakuren is sculpted, the new Remilia is colored, and now it’s time for everyone’s favorite doofy ice fairy! I find it very odd that Griffon has not done a figure of Cirno in their regular line yet, because she’s an incredibly popular character. They made a POP version of her (which I sorely regret passing up), but none in their regular 1/8 scale line!

Now she’s finally getting added, and I am glad that they waited to work on her. All of the early figures in this line were just…. standing around, and the sculpting wasn’t that interesting. Thankfully Cirno gets a slightly dynamic pose, and the sculpt on her clothing and hair looks great! I just hope that she comes with a frozen frog along with the ice gem.

[via Griffon’s Touhou Blog]


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