Grizzry Panda’s Goddess Madoka Is Painted

[note: this post contains spoilers for Madoka Magica]

The second Madoka’s Ultimate form appeared on screen, I’m sure we all knew we would be getting a million figures of this amazing design. Long pink twintails + wings + a million ruffles + a skirt that contains the universe… yeah, that’s a winning combo! We’ve gotten a Petit Nendoroid of her and Good Smile Company is doing a pretty epic scaled version of her, but I’ll be honest: this garage kits has totally stolen my heart!

We first saw this unpainted at Treasure Festa, and the circle (Grizzry Panda) does absolutely stunning work–just take a look at their Homura and Mami! Madoka is just draw-droppingly, heartbreakingly beautiful. The soft pose is perfect for Madoka, and I just love the shading. Of course it’s a garage kit and will be nearly impossible to get (plus it’s unpainted)–it was released at Treasure Festa but I expect it to pop up at Summer Wonder Festival as well. If you DO manage to get one you’re looking at at least ¥10,000 (the base price of the kit) plus proxy fees/after-market prices as well as painting. But if there was ever a figure worth all that work, it’d be this one!

[via fg-site]


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