Grizzry Panda’s Gorgeous ‘Tell Your World’ Miku Hatsune

When I first saw the cover for ‘Tell Your World’ my first thought was “this would make an amazing figure!” It’s slightly different from the normal Miku, with a more fashion-forward outfit, bright pops of color, and an awesome spin on her twintails. Well, she has a figure now, though not exactly the one I’d like since this is a garage kit by Grizzry Panda, who has done some spectacular work in the past like that jaw-dropping Goddess Madoka and Homura & Mami, along with a few kits from this past Wonder Festival.

This Miku actually was a Summer WonFest release, though we didn’t get colored images until now for some reason. What a tease! Of course given how popular the circle is, I’m sure you can hunt this down on Yahoo Japan or Mandarake. That is if you have the talent to make her or the money for a commission! For the rest of us, let’s all pray to the PVC gods in unison for a regular release.

[via Tinami]


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