GSC’s Miku Hatsune Hits The Stage

I am usually a staunch defender of the constant flood of Miku Hatsune figures. While it’s all figures of the same character, there is just so much variety! Racing Miku, Snow Miku, Maiko Miku, Mebae Miku, Tell Your World Miku, Deep Sea Miku… see what I mean? It doesn’t seem repetitive to have so many figures of her when they look so vastly different. But I have a confession: I don’t really love her basic design!

I used to be all about it, and I have the original Max Factory and GSC versions of her. And as you can see in the comparison photo of the old & new GSC sculpts, they’ve come a loooong way. The difference in quality is astounding! For me, I prefer the more outrageous Mikus. For new collectors, though, this is a great opportunity: not only is her sculpt great, but her price is ¥8,241–almost unheard of in 2017! And you have a while to save that $80 up because she’s not coming out until 2018.

[via Kahotan]


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