Harley Quinn Is The Newest DC Bombshell


So far, DC’s Bombshell line, which is based on classic pinup art, has been nothing but a smashing success. The first two, Supergirl and Wonder Woman, were absolutely spectacular. Seriously, I was pawing at the glass when we first saw them. They couldn’t be released fast enough! Granted, I was a bit less enthusiastic about Poison Ivy–something about her didn’t seem quite as magical, but she still had a ton of fans, and rightfully so! Of course I was over the moon with excitement when we found out that Harley Quinn would be next.

We were told there would be a bomb theme, but it seems that got dropped somewhere along the way. In my mind I had this fantastic image of Harley actually riding a bomb, like the pinup girls on the side of WWII planes. Imagine that! So for me, the final product doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. She’s nice, but not as nice as Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy: there’s a spark with the other 3 that seems to be missing here, which is sad because I adore Harley. Hopefully she looks nicer when we get to check her out in person at SDCC!

[via DC’s Facebook]


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