Here Are The Persona figmas You Wish You Could Have

It’s really nice that the Persona series is getting attention in the figure world, and it’s even nicer that we are getting some male figures out of it. However, there’s something everyone wants that is being blatantly ignored: action figures of the guys! Heck, Yosuke figma made it to the top of GSC’s figure request poll. Sure, Chie and Yukiko are nice, but we want boys! And Rise. Please give us Rise Max Factory!

Those ingenious Japanese customizers have (kind of) made our dreams come true by taking the Figuarts ZERO versions of the main characters from 3 and 4 and turning them into… you guessed it, figmas. Kind of like that figma Elizabeth! They pose, they fight, they summon Personas. This is truly some awesome custom work, and maybe one day if we wish really hard it will turn into reality.

[via 2chan]


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