Hestia Sonico Is Bestia

Sonico is an odd character. While she does indeed have an anime of her own and (I guess) a personality of her own, so much of her official and fanart involves her cosplaying. So Sonico-as-other-characters figures (especially fairytale girls) seem to be just as popular as Sonico-as-herself figures. Like, for example, Racing Sonico Miku!

This time around it’s Hestia from Danmachi, who had like 6 months in the spotlight. Remember when everyone was pumping out Hestia? That died down pretty quick. But she’s posed to make a comeback… or at least her outfit is. Though Sonico has a little trouble fitting into it, it seems. We don’t know who is manufacturing her yet, but I hope it turns out as nice as the art!

[via t_santa]


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