Hikage From Senran Kagura Gets A Figure


Senran Kagura has certainly proved its popularity in the figure world, but the focus seems to be almost entirely on the core five girls (aside from that one Figuarts Zero we never saw again… and the hideous A+ figures we don’t speak of). Of course eventually companies will run out of pose ideas for Asuka, Hibari, Katsuragi, Ikaruga and Yagyu… and it seems like that day has finally come!

To no one’s surprise it’s CM’s Corporation who is now working on the extended cast, because they blew through the first few girls at a rapid pace (with awful results). But Hikage here looks pretty great, aside from the fact that I kind of hate her outfit. Button your pants, girl! You can’t fight bad guys with your zipper down!

[via Akibahobby]


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