Hobby Japan Character Festival 2015


Do you think there were enough events this week? First we had Miyazawa Model Expo, then the 42nd Prize Fair, and finally Animate Girls Festival. But apparently we need a nice, even number, so we have #4: Hobby Japan Character Festival! A celebration of all those exclusive figures you wish you could buy but probably can’t afford.

There were no new announcements but we did have some updates, like the painted Hunter from Bikini Warriors and MegaHouse’s grown-up Aldra figure. Bikini Warriors‘ Mage also showed up (so adorable!) along with Kotobukiya’s amazing Fuyuka Yukishiro from Sword & Wizards. They also brought a ton of art, including an excessive amount of Satan from Seven Sins–maybe we’ll be getting another figure of her?

[via moeyo]


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